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My films are spilt between my more personal work which has elements of horror, surrealism, dystopia & darker fairy tales and my more mainstream commercial projects, such as TV ads and online content - you can see both on this site.

I think of my work like celluloid knit-wear. It's got a dark hand made crafted feel that would probably keep you warm in winter. I began filmmaking and taking photos at an early age, looking for ghosts using a Box Brownie and Super 8mm camera, becoming weirdly obsessed with victorian spirit photography - my first film tried to capture a ghost that supposedly lived round the back of Paddington station where I grew up. I'm still watching the skies, ghost hunting, making films and taking photographs. I'm keen on low tech home made - I like rough edges. I'm drawn to the immediacy of Instagram and the scrap book approach of Pinterest but I'm not on Facebook.  My work is mainly (but not exclusively) on film  but I love the fact that low tech camera phones and portable HD cams have made film-making so accessible. 


Years after my youthful attempts to capture a ghost on film, I kicked off directing with a dystopian horror music film for Orbital featuring Tilda Swinton as a lonely alien. It was screened at a ton of festivals notably Sundance, Edinburgh and London. Winning wards, including Best Short Film at the San Francisco Film Festival. There' are two more music films for Orbital with a dystopian theme respectively starring; Cillian Murphy and Sian Phillips: "The Clock "and "Style".

Commercially I've directed experiential award winning projection-mapping campaigns including Ralph Lauren in New York & London which won Best Brand Experience Event and Nokia with DeadMau5 which picked up a Grand Prix at the AV awards and Live Event of the Year. I created two beautiful and fantastical films for Mulberry which featured in Vogue’s top five fashion films and Time Magazine’s round up of most interesting work, using a mixture of live action and animation. I'm a lighting, video and stage designer creating shows for artists and events as diverse as The Libertines, Orbital, Robert Plant and The Verve, along side experiential, corporate, avant garde and dance such as; Manumission in Ibiza, The irrepressible's at the Barbican, Ferrari's interactive media installations (in their museum) as well as developing media and content shot  360' for experiential installation and making content for websites like Speedo or  colourful agency showreels for the likes of Razorfish.

My recent  dramatic short is a departure from surreal nightmares but still deals with the metaphysical, ‘One Last Dance’ starring Jonathan Pryce is an award winner thats played at festivals around the world. I am developing a feature film of ‘The Boy in the Oak’  a dark fairy tale written & illustrated by Jessica Albarn  (you can see a proof of concept film on the shorts page - with animated illustrations by Jessica), narrated by Jude Law & music by Damon Albarn. I'm also developing a low budget horror with Dresden picture's written by Glen Laker entitled 'Shhh...'  which Paul Hartnoll is going to score - watch this space.

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